About us

The Balaton Together Villas is a family business starting in the summer of 2016.  Our major profile is providing accommodation for holiday, but we really hope that it will be more than just that. We fell in love with this coast! With the reeds located on the left, the slowly deepening water, the surprising amount of swan family and so on. We hope that our guests can experience this magic and will truly enjoy the mix of the environment, our accommodations and the small extra services we will try to provide during your holiday. We believe that a good vacation is all about adventures and experiences that the guests can remember, in light of this we offer a wide range of activity opportunities and try to ensure all the help and equipment for them. We work with quite a few employee, but the main host is the son in the family Fáy Zsombor (togethervillas@gmail.com).

Hope to see you soon!


Dog friendly


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